Specialized in Lab reference (RM and CRM) materials

Laboratories are benefiting from 24-hour service (Online) on the subject and issues related to the supply and production of RMs and CRMs with our experts. Our technical team can help you tailor the right reference material to address any specific application.

For this purpose, you can find the list of technical, consulting support & services topics at the "Subject" section, and after selecting the desired field, send it with a brief description and contact information..

Notes :

  • The maximum waiting time to receive a response will be up to 3 days.
  • If you would like to make a phone call, you could be called with Tel: +98 (0)21 26 80 62 07 (for general questions) and Cellphone: +98 (0)92 24 60 57 83 (for technical and specialized questions).

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Specialized in Lab Reference Materials,align with the laboratory's financial affordance and technical needs

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Achieving a superior company/organization in the field of supplying reference/control materials and tools,performing validation and calibration,as well as research and development in the field of manufacturing reference/control materials and tools for the biology,medicine,and engineering-related laboratories with the focusing on pre-determined work and mission while,providing services based on value engineering for all stakeholders(simultaneous value creation for supporting organizations,suppliers and laboratories)claiming to serve the laboratory community of the Low-and Middle-income countries to reduce their problems in the field of material supply and the reference/control tools required for validation of specialized laboratory services.