Specialized in Lab reference (RM and CRM) materials

HAMY Phc. Supports each product produced with a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis (COA). We wish to become a producer for small molecule reference and working standards, raw materials, etc. Meeting the requirements of laboratory groups for the testing of environmental, food and pharmaceutical samples.

Rice Flour - tracable ro SRM 1568b
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Code SRM 1568b
Description on the invoice Rice flour
Quantity 25 gr
Expiry date 06-20-2023
Room temperature (20 °C to 25 °C)
CAS No.  
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Specialized in Lab Reference Materials,align with the laboratory's financial affordance and technical needs

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Achieving a superior company/organization in the field of supplying reference/control materials and tools,performing validation and calibration,as well as research and development in the field of manufacturing reference/control materials and tools for the biology,medicine,and engineering-related laboratories with the focusing on pre-determined work and mission while,providing services based on value engineering for all stakeholders(simultaneous value creation for supporting organizations,suppliers and laboratories)claiming to serve the laboratory community of the Low-and Middle-income countries to reduce their problems in the field of material supply and the reference/control tools required for validation of specialized laboratory services.