Specialized in Lab reference (RM and CRM) materials

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Hekmat andish momtaz yas (Hamy) Phc. It is a family-oriented business with the feel and growth of a start-up. It has been established to service low- and middle-income countries with analytical laboratory problems in providing Reference Material (RM) and Certified Reference Material (CRM) by initiative planning leading to a higher service level and cost optimization. At HAMY , we know that being privileged and working on the cutting edge is never simple. To be successful, having the related knowledge and a wide range of high-quality services and products, access to flexible solutions and expert support are surely needed. That’s why we are hard to find chemicals, primary standards, secondary standards, customs chemicals, and certified reference standards from well-known companies and technical support that meets our customers’ requirements. In this regard, we first listen to and observe what our customers need, and meet those needs with quality products and services.
We would like to be capable of supplying a comprehensive range of RMs and CRMs grade as well as analytical standards and chromatography reagents, solvents in customized packages (small-unit packaging) and services. As a specialist supplier for laboratory chemicals and manufacture of substances, we also offer technical,Consulting Support & Services.
HAMY wishes to be a specialist in customized solutions for providing RMs & CRMs – the fulfillment of our customer's requirements is our challenge!

Specialized in Lab Reference Materials,align with the laboratory's financial affordance and technical needs

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Achieving a superior company/organization in the field of supplying reference/control materials and tools,performing validation and calibration,as well as research and development in the field of manufacturing reference/control materials and tools for the biology,medicine,and engineering-related laboratories with the focusing on pre-determined work and mission while,providing services based on value engineering for all stakeholders(simultaneous value creation for supporting organizations,suppliers and laboratories)claiming to serve the laboratory community of the Low-and Middle-income countries to reduce their problems in the field of material supply and the reference/control tools required for validation of specialized laboratory services.